1. Thanksgiving dinner

    Over the Pass or through the air: 10 practical tips for pain-free-ish holiday travel

    Nothing beats the hug of a grandchild, or the warmth of family and friends brought together.  But, traveling at the holidays is no easy feat – made more difficult if you are in pain.  While holiday travel will never be completely pain-free, there are some things you can do to add more enjoyment to the family visit.   Plan Ahead Before you pack your suitcase and head out the door, do some plan…Read More

  2. rake leaves

    Don’t let those fallen leaves leave you in pain

    Brilliant shades of red, orange and gold look beautiful on the trees, but after our wet and windy weekend, we’re in for a big clean up.  If you suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, this task can seem especially daunting.  Here are some tips to help you prevent injury while raking leaves.  (Please always follow your prescribed treatment plan – and limit your activity accordingly.) Be sma…Read More

  3. Dr. Polzin is now a certified Injury Prevention Specialist!

    Future Industrial Technologies (FIT), one of the largest injury prevention companies in North America has recently certified Dr. Kevin Polzin of Bellevue, Washington as an Injury Prevention Specialist (IPS). FIT via their proprietary Backsafe® and Sittingsafe® injury prevention workshops has a corps of highly trained and certified Injury Prevention Specialists to help large and small companies …Read More

  4. Cheering fans

    Perils of a football couch potato and other chronic sitters.

     Be honest.  This time of year, the statistics suggest you are probably one of them.  55% of women and a whopping 73% of men watch football.  Sitting for hours, with the occasional pop-up to cheer, boo, munch or take a lav break.  Do you watch only your favorite team or do you pull the all-weekender?  Have you ever actually counted how many hours you spend watching football?  How about sitt…Read More

  5. Understanding Sciatica

    At the Bellevue Pain Institute, we have been able to help many patients work through the symptoms of sciatica. Our comprehensive service and experience empower us to go the source of the problem and bring relief. Sciatica is always a symptom of an underlying medical condition. These conditions include degenerative disc disease, a lumbar herniated disc, and spinal stenosis. When you have one of the…Read More

  6. Can't Sleep

    Hibernation Heaven: the scientific quest for pain-free slumber

    With the days getting shorter and the nights getting colder, #Notime2sleep may work well for Russell Wilson (the Seahawks’ record will ultimately prove or dispatch that theory), but for the rest of us, especially for those experiencing neck and back pain, a good nights’ sleep is a cherished commodity. A lot is being CBS News Story lately about how much sleep you need to stay healthy, but are y…Read More

  7. More Back-Friendly Gardening Tips

    Bellevue Pain Clinic in Bellevue, Washington uses spinal decompression to treat chronic leg and back pain that is caused by a herniated or bulging disc or arthritis. It’s a non-invasive way to alleviate the pain associated with these conditions. If you have one of these conditions you know that every day activities that should not cause discomfort or pain, do so. One such activity is gardening. …Read More

  8. Chronic Pain Treatment In Bellevue Can Help You

    The Bellevue Pain Institute, your trusted source for pain treatment in Bellevue, offers you comprehensive treatments for relief and rehabilitation. Chronic pain can be debilitating. It saps your energy and can take the enjoyment out of activities that once filled your life. It affects you physically and emotionally. It doesn’t have to be permanent though. Our treatment methods have been proven …Read More

  9. Gardening With Back Pain

    Bellevue Pain Clinic offers services to help manage chronic and acute back pain from Sciatica, Peripheral Neuropathy, motor vehicle and work injuries. When you suffer from back pain every part of your life can be affected. One activity that can be hard to give up because of back pain is gardening We’ve come up with some tips to help you with the back pain your have and to avoid increasing it at…Read More

  10. Good Back Habits

    Bellevue Pain Clinic in Bellevue WA is dedicated to relieving your back pain and helping you avoid any future back complications. To that end, we’ve put together some tips to help keep your back in good shape. Take Your Vitamins. Calcium and magnesium are important to take. Calcium, of course, is for good bone strength and magnesium aids in calcium absorption. Keep Up Your Core Strength. It may …Read More