1. rake leaves

    Don’t let those fallen leaves leave you in pain

    Brilliant shades of red, orange and gold look beautiful on the trees, but after our wet and windy weekend, we’re in for a big clean up.  If you suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, this task can seem especially daunting.  Here are some tips to help you prevent injury while raking leaves.  (Please always follow your prescribed treatment plan – and limit your activity accordingly.) Be sma…Read More

  2. Cheering fans

    Perils of a football couch potato and other chronic sitters.

     Be honest.  This time of year, the statistics suggest you are probably one of them.  55% of women and a whopping 73% of men watch football.  Sitting for hours, with the occasional pop-up to cheer, boo, munch or take a lav break.  Do you watch only your favorite team or do you pull the all-weekender?  Have you ever actually counted how many hours you spend watching football?  How about sitt…Read More