A regenerative branch of medicine using naturally occurring cells (biology) to heal conditions of joints and muscles (ortho, see: orthopedic).

OrthoBiologics is cellular or regenerative therapy that enhances our bodies’ own natural healing processes, creating viable alternatives to invasive surgeries and prescription painkillers. These minimally invasive procedures are ideal for patients looking to avoid long recovery times and narcotics following a traumatic joint replacement surgery.  OrthoBiologics use healthy cells to rebuild body tissue where degeneration or injury has occurred. It can be particularly effective in treating conditions related to a loss of cartilage or damage to tendons and ligaments, whether it is caused by injury or aging.  The result is an accelerated and natural healing process.

The restorative therapies within the scope of OrthoBiologics stem from optimizing our bodies’ own natural healing processes and utilizing them to repair degenerating cartilage, muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments.  These minimally invasive procedures take naturally occurring cells that have the ability to differentiate – meaning they can transform into any other cell in the body – and apply them to damaged areas; allowing them to produce Cytokins and Growth Factors which promote the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

Over time, when tissues become damaged or aged, their reparative processes become ineffective causing inflammation and degradation in our muscles and joints causing pain and a decrease in our quality of life. Sourcing healthy, high-functioning cells from other areas of our bodies and relocating them to these damaged areas allows them to signal repair and restore the system for healthy function. In addition to self-replicating, these cells can reduce inflammation, flight Apoptosis (cell death) and differentiate into multiple tissues including bone, muscle and cartilage.

Exploring New Treatments

Until recently, the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions predominantly consisted of invasive surgical procedures, long recovery times and multiple prescription medications in the wake of these procedures.  While surgery may still be the best viable option for some patients, we now have the research-backed protocols of cellular therapy to explore for those people looking for an alternative.

There are multiple factors to consider when trying to determine which OrthoBiologics procedure may be the best for you and yield the most benefit. Ultimately, your candidacy for each treatment would be discussed after a thorough musculoskeletal exam, the review of recent imaging and a comprehensive Review of Systems with your physician.

Common Conditions Treated with OrthoBiologics

There is a variety of diagnoses that can be treated through cellular therapy and we recommend you speak with our clinic to better determine if these treatments may be something you consider. The most common conditions that we treat however, are the following:

Osteoarthritis and degenerative arthritis of large joints such as knees and hips as well as tendon issues including tears of the rotator cuff, meniscus and ACL:

Our available OrthoBiologic procedures include:

Additional minimally invasive therapies we offer are:

How do you know if OrthoBiologics are right for you?

Our thorough consultation and examination process not only provide patients a complete education, but also a transparent and honest assessment. While this type of therapy can be an effective way to avoid surgery and get back to a pain-free life, it’s not the appropriate treatment for everyone. We’ll carefully evaluate your case and determine your candidacy; ensuring you have all the answers you need to make the best decisions about your health.  Please call Bellevue Pain Institute to learn more about OrthoBiologics and to schedule your complimentary consultation.

If you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our physicians, or if you have further questions and would simply like to start the conversation, please call our clinic at 425-999-9633. 

Under the guidance, control direction and performance of Dr. Eileen Newton, DNP, APRN. BPI performs one or more stem cell therapies that have not yet been approved by the FDA.  You are encouraged to consult with your primary care provider prior to undergoing a stem cell therapy.

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