Physical rehab is a critical component to long standing relief and repair of the damaged tissues. BPI has a complete rehab area dedicated to restoring the CORE spinal musculature to support the new spinal structure that is attained in the decompression or chiropractic care.

img3952250x3752BPI is one of the only clinics in Western WA to have the GOLD standard for spinal rehab on site.
The ATM2® is a clinical device designed specifically to enable the BPI doctors to prescribe quality weight-bearing active movements towards the previously impaired movements. Passive joint repositioning and stabilizing is obtained via restraining belts connected to the ATM2 support pad to reduce the symptoms, and then specific ATMs are performed via a harness connected to a resistance band.


The BPI doctors will work diligently to insure their patients have a strong understanding of the in office and home therapies to provide long lasting recovery in minimize the chances of returning symptoms.

Muscle Relaxation Techniques
Proprioceptive Balance Training
Gait Analysis
Functional Movement Rehabilitation
Wellness Exercise Consulting
Soft Tissue Therapy
Core Strength Training
Laser Therapy
Orthotic Fitting
Motor Vehicle & Work Injuries