Physical rehab is a critical component to long standing relief and repair of the damaged tissues. BPI has a complete rehab area dedicated to restoring the CORE spinal musculature to support the new spinal structure that is attained during the care process.   The small muscles that support each vertebrae can be difficult to access with standard physical therapy as the large surface postural muscles take over during activities such as planking & crunches.  At BPI we utilize UPRIGHT VERTICAL REHABILITATION.

This is a school of thought first introduced in studies with Olympian athletes.   Upright vertical rehab involves the unitization of randomized motion while challenging balance.  The efforts are to put the body into environments that would be experienced in daily activities and then gently stress the CORE so that the small vertebral stabilizing muscles can be challenged without stressing large posture muscles.

Upper right vertical rehab is rapidly becoming the GOLD standard for spinal rehab with the highest level athletes and BPI is able to bring professional level rehabilitation to the general population without causing injury.

These exercises are designed specifically to enable the BPI doctors to prescribe quality body weight-bearing active movements towards the previously impaired movements. Active joint repositioning and stabilizing is obtained via the pressures of gravity which reduce the symptoms, and harden specific musculature.

The BPI doctors will work diligently to insure their patients have a strong understanding of the in office and at-home therapies to provide long lasting recovery in minimize the chances of returning symptoms.

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