Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve problems in the arms, hands, legs and feet that cause pain AND / OR numbness.

If You Have Peripheral Neuropathy What Are Your Options For Treatment And Relief?
●  Neurologist gives you drugs to treat the symptoms of the nerves then they may send you to a physical therapist
●  Physical Therapists treat the muscles and the joints but not the nerves
●  Chiropractors correct spinal problems that may be putting pressure on the nerves but are still not treating the actual nerves

The Bellevue Pain Institute Treats:

●    Headaches
●    Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Wrist Pain
●    Upper and Lower Back Pain
●    Bulging or Herniated Disk
●    Non Surgical Spinal Decompression
●    Arm and Leg Numbness
●    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
●    Tingling in Feet and Hands
●    Swollen Feet and Ankles
●    Hip, Leg and Knee Pain
●    Sciatica
●    Neuropathy
●    Injury from Accidents, Work and Sports
●    Diabetes Treatment and Management
●    Obesity Management
●    Fibromyalgia
●    TMJ pain

Our Team Health Care Providers Include
●    Primary Care/Family Medicine Medical Doctors
●    Interventional Pain Management Specialists
●    Chiropractic

Additional Services
●    Vascular Studies
●    Nerve Conduction Studies
●    Epidurals
●    Transforaminals

Nothing speaks louder than relief!

The best measure of our success is the success of our patients. Here is what a few of the hundreds of chiropractic patients we have helped said:
“A life changing experience”

I am excited to be given this opportunity to share with you some changes that have occurred in my life. Thanks to Dr. Polzin and his Pain Institute, I went from very little hope to feeling that I will be able to recover totally. I had been told by other doctors that due to the dying nerves there was nothing to be done about it and that it would get worse as I got older. My future was now thinking about wheelchairs in order to move around in my house. Prior to coming here I had artery bypass surgery on my right leg and stints in my right thigh, and it felt as if I was walking in sand. In order to walk more than three steps I had to hold on to a cane or walker or my husband’s arm. Since I have been coming to the Institute, the biggest change has been going from having one to three attacks during the week where I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days in a row due to the constant pain keeping me up, to now having no nights like that. I have had no pain and can sleep 8 hours during the night now, instead of waking up in the middle of the night or no sleep at all. It’s been a life changing experience. Other than the pain, I also wasn’t able to walk without assistance. I’ve just shocked myself because I can now walk in the mall, and walk up my driveway which is on an incline without holding on. I’m looking forward to walking Safeco field. Last year I was only able to get around Safeco in a wheelchair. I’m just very excited. When I came in here I had a lot of skepticism. My husband was very, VERY skeptical. Now, there is evidence that it’s working and I have faith in Dr. Polzin and in the Institute, and faith in the fact that I am going to be normal again!

Dr. Jessie

“Headaches are totally under control”

Since about 1985 I had had daily headaches. I had tried many different things to help the pain. I was managing the pain mostly with pain pills. I would still get my headaches but they were more manageable. Using Dr. Polzin’s special treatments I feel like my headaches are totally under control. It was really big for me because I hadn’t felt that way since before 1985!