Well, all of the above. Stem Cell Therapy has also been called cellular medicine and Regenerative Medicine and is as MIRACULOUS as one in 500 million sperm entering into an egg and conceiving life.

It is a FACT that every moment of the day and night stem cells are working in your body to repair and regenerate organs, tissues, bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles, nearly every cell in your body. Approximately every two years your entire body has been turned over with new cells and stem cells are at the beginning of that natural process.

The SCIENCE FICTION is that we recently have the science to be able to safely access these stem cells, concentrate them and culture expand them and put them back into our bodies to repair and regenerate our old and damaged body parts like we did in our youth.

NOT NEW … In 1868 Theodor Boveri and Valentin Häcker used the term Stem Cell to describe cells committed to give rise to a germ line.

In 1997 Morrison while studying the regulation of embryonic development, defined Stem cells as having the capacity to both self-renew and give rise to differentiated cells.

For 20 years hospitals and experimental labs have been using stem cell therapy for skin replacement in burn victims, heart muscle repair in specific types of cardiac victims, lung tissue repair for those suffering with chronic issues such as COPD and many other. Professional sports teams have had access for their athletes due to the incredible expense of this break through science.

What IS NEW is that we now have access outside the experimental laboratory settings to be able to easily mechanically and enzymatically isolate stem cells, culture expand them to 100’s of millions and then re-inject them back into the damaged or degenerated tissue.

We can get and use stems from several sources:

1. The amniotic fluid, the placenta and cord blood and of our own children or the children of others because these cells are unspecialized they are immune privileged. Meaning that, at least for several months, they can work in our bodies as if they were our own cells until antigen markers start to form on their replicates and then our immune system easily destroys them.

2. Our own bone marrow, which is a process that has been done for about 2 decades to help those with blood diseases like Leukemia as these cells are especially adapt at healing blood disorders. The process is painful and traumatic to the body.

3. And our own fat or adipose tissue that resides just under the skin. This tissue is rich in stem cells and blood vessels making it an easy and the best choice to attain high quanity and high quality stem cells

Stem cells are attracted to inflammation and activated by trauma. The main reason to use adipose derived stem cells is because the attainment process is so non-traumatic that the cells are then more available to go to the site of pain and degeneration like the knees, hips, shoulders spine or else where rather than the traumatized attainment site such as in Bone Marrow derived.

An additional IV injection procedure of the stem cell harvest is the second line of reinforcements! We will first inject the stem cells into the target area such as the knees, hips, shoulders, ankles or spine, then the other 1/2 of the attained cells will be injected into the patients system using IV (intravenous) methods. This will send millions of these intelligent stem cells into the patients body being attracted to all areas of systemic inflammation throughout the body. A large majority of the stem cells will spend time sequestered in the lungs and then will be released like a second wave of reinforcements into the body being attracted to inflammation like a painful and degenerated knee.

ANNOUNCEMENT …Bellevue Pain Institute is very proud to announce its acceptance into the Cell Surgical Network and the IRB [Institutional Review Board] an administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted under the auspices of the institution with which it is affiliated.

Within the Cell Surgical Network over the last 7 years we have performed well over 7000 recorded and tracked adipose derived stem cell procedures and have recently published our safety study showing 100% free of significant side effects.

Although everyones response to the therapy will differ we are able to statistically state what generally attained results are for each studied condition. We do know that the younger patients respond better than older because the number and quality of the stem cells decrease as we get older.

Stem cell banking and culture expanding is only legally possible though the Cell Surgical IRB as it requires human cell transfer storage and growth so that we can return to you no matter how old you are, tens or hundreds of millions of stem cells when we cryogenically store and then culture expand the volume of the cells and then put them back into you.

Stem Cell Therapy is not a magic bullet, it takes time for the body to fully take advantage of the therapy and the science is very complicated. Most patients feel the most benefit within 4 months post procedure but we have tracked continued improved range of motion, diminishment of pain and improvement in muscle strength and density as long as 2 years after a single procedure.

To see all the areas of study that are within the Institutional Review Board [IRB] see: