1. More Back-Friendly Gardening Tips

    Bellevue Pain Clinic in Bellevue, Washington uses spinal decompression to treat chronic leg and back pain that is caused by a herniated or bulging disc or arthritis. It’s a non-invasive way to alleviate the pain associated with these conditions. If you have one of these conditions you know that every day activities that should not cause discomfort or pain, do so. One such activity is gardening. …Read More

  2. Good Back Habits

    Bellevue Pain Clinic in Bellevue WA is dedicated to relieving your back pain and helping you avoid any future back complications. To that end, we’ve put together some tips to help keep your back in good shape. Take Your Vitamins. Calcium and magnesium are important to take. Calcium, of course, is for good bone strength and magnesium aids in calcium absorption. Keep Up Your Core Strength. It may …Read More

  3. Technology for Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

    Americans are suffering from peripheral neuropathy right now and many more are undiagnosed. We’ve discussed treatment of peripheral neuropathy with Dr. Kevin Polzin and below you will find the best of our conversation. The main theme is how technology, not pills Peripheral Neuropathy is not a well-known condition but approximately 50 million, is revolutionizing the treatment for this debilitatin…Read More

  4. The Answer to Diabetic Leg Pain?

    Bellevue Pain Institute specializes in nerve function recovery for those with diabetic, medication, chemotherapy and toxin related peripheral neuropathy. Worldwide over 280 million people have diabetes. One of the complications of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a result of nerve damage which often causes weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in your hands and feet. Peo…Read More