Freedom to do the things I want to do in life. *Results May Vary

Hi, I found out about Bellevue Pain Institute from a radio ad. I was experiencing some severe lower back pain which went to the sciatic never in my right leg. The diagnosis I was given from the x-rays and MRI was stenosis and disc degeneration and herniation. I saw two surgeons who both suggested to get surgery, and after listening to that ad on the radio there was to another way to be pain free. The Bellevue Pain Institute was advocating a non-surgical response and I went in for a number of therapies and I am now on number 15 after the first 5 therapies I was feeling worse than ever. I was having physical therapy earlier in the year but the physical therapy had nothing to do with correcting the problems. This therapy has proved to be extremely productive right now. I’m in number 15 of my therapy I can walk around for a half hour, hour with no back pain compared to before I could walk around for maybe a minute before back pain so I would have to say that this therapy is giving me thoughts of having freedom to do the things I want to do in life to be active again as opposed to what I was having to think about before of what would life be like after surgery I couldn’t have been happier of what I have received within the last 15 sessions.

Terry Bresin – Lower back pain and Sciatic nerve leg pain treated with decompression and laser.