I came in skeptical, but I changed my mind. *Results May Vary

My name is Floyde Wilstrom and I’m from Fox Island Washington. And I have been so pleased to hear about Dr. Polzin’s care. I came skeptical but I changed my mind. I came with hurting feet and unsteady and I knew I was looking it more and more each day. And I came, got the demonstration and that impressed me with the thoroughness of the discussion and explaining He didn’t mind taking the time to explain it to someone who didn’t know anything. Here I’m about 2/3 of the way through now and I noticed the improvement and I often now get up and forget to pick up my cane to give me assistance. And I walked into the bedroom one day and back out again before I realized that I didn’t have my cane with me. And that’s great. But I also the need the cane for other reasons. I’m very very pleased indeed to have gotten all of these things and even the hammer.

Floyde Wikstrom – 95 year old gets his balance back.