I’m actually able to wear shoes, I can wear them all day now! *Results May Vary

So pretty much I have been in pain 24/7 for about 3 years and it’s started to escalate. I’ve been to every specialist there is I could think of. I’ve spent thousands of dollars going to a bone specialist, sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, neurologist, pain specialist, and acupuncturist, a even a naturopath but nothing worked. And I was beginning to shuffle my feet, I was in such pain I couldn’t wear shoes for more than two hours then I had to go home and put ice on my feet because they hurt so bad. And I was beginning to lose hope. I was still thinking that there had to be something out there for this because it wasn’t in my head it was in my feet. And so all of a sudden I started doing more research online and I saw Dr. Polzin’s ad and I thought laser, I haven’t tried laser. So I went in and this place has been giving me my life back. It is awesome Dr. Polzin is awesome, the staff is awesome their so respectful their so caring and I can tell you now that I can sleep with my feet under the covers because for 3 years I wasn’t able to put my feet underneath the covers, couldn’t put socks on because they hurt my feet, I’m actually able to wear shoes, I can wear them all day now. It’s awesome. Got to do your homework. You have to be diligent you have to be discipline. And to tell you I can’t tell you enough nice things about this place. It’s a little alternative but it works. I mean it doesn’t matter it’s off the wall it works. I love it.

Cheryl Weeks – Constant neuropathy pain treatment worked, even when nothing else worked.