It’s amazing how much better I feel. *Results May Vary

Hi I’m Fran Fender and I am here at Dr. Polzin’s office to share with you. For me it’s amazing how much better I feel. I came here because my biggest concern was that I was starting to shuffle my feet. I was not able to walk real well and I had pain in my feet. I need to stand on my feet for the work that I was doing and so I was really concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything anymore. I mean it was just getting that bad. I had read one of the articles that were in the paper and I’ve got to at least try this. So I brought along my sceptic husband and he was surprised at everything we learned from Dr. Polzin and then as to how much I am feeling. I mean I can stand and I can walk and I’m not having that awful, awful pain and I’m not shuffling along and I just go “oomph” . What Dr. Polzin has done is a miracle to me!

Fran Fender – Able to walk again after Peripheral neuropathy laser treatment.