My feet have returned to at least 90% normal feeling. *Results May Vary

Hello I am Dwight Altenburg I’m a 62 year old male and I had a background of pain symptoms in my feet for the last 10 years. I didn’t realize that the pains would be so long going and sustaining so I dismissed them and blaming things such as the wearing heavy boots shoes that I wore through my occupation of working for the fire department for the last 40 years. The pain was worse in the evenings, it was hot, very tingling, but I used to try to dismiss it. My wife would say to put ice packs on my feet. And I said that I tried that but I doesn’t help. So I started reading about some of the foot symptoms and the sort of pain that was caused in the feet and I had no idea that it was Peripheral Neuropathy. I read that Peripheral Neuropathy can be related to diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago. I went to the medical doctors and was put on medications for 6 months and in that time I dropped at least 57 lbs. I started to exercise and it all seemed to help a little. I would play with my nutrition and diet trying different things. I tried low carbohydrates, I went and got educational classes from Evergreen Hospital, I really became serious about wanting to improve my health so that I would be around for my grandchildren. I had gotten really scared about some of the symptoms that diabetes can cause and I didn’t want to have that so I decided to give my best go.

The pain in my feet seemed to improve after losing the weight, for at least a couple of years, but I started to notice it more again as I started to exercise. It seemed that the exercises I was doing, walking or riding a bicycle might play into it but when I was away from those exercises for a week or so it didn’t seem to go away any more. I received an ads in the Newspaper about neuropathy and how the Bellevue Pain Clinic could alleviate the symptoms. I identified with those symptoms that were occurring to me and wanted to try and stop this and nip this in the butt like I did with my diabetes. So I went through this pain clinic program of Dr. Polzin’s. I went through 10 weeks and I would say that my feet have returned to at least 90% normal feeling. I can feel my foot on the gas petal again. I can feel hot and cold differences more so than other parts of my body. The prickling and so forth has gone away. At night I used to have to sleep with the covers and blankets pulled up off my feet so they wouldn’t affect them. It was just so annoying that it would take me so much longer to fall asleep. Now I’m finding that it doesn’t bother me when the sheets are touching my feet and I do not have to put my feet outside of the covers. I’m feeling much more of an improvement in all those areas. I’m feeling very happy for it and I’m very happy that I came to the Bellevue Pain Institute. I look forward to the home upkeep. I hope that others will be able to do this and be successful at it as well.

Dwight Altenburg - Peripheral Neuropathy pain treated with exclusive neuropathy protocol.