The results have been absolutely magnificent. *Results May Vary

Hi my name is Paul and I am in here at Dr. Polzin’s Bellevue Pain Clinic. I just wanted to give a testimonial about how well I have done in reversing the Neuropathy pain as a result of the diabetes which I’ve had for 10 years. The Neuropathy started about 10 years ago and I really saw my motor skills really go downhill, where I couldn’t balance easily I had to hold on to the shower rail while I showered. I have been a musician for many years and it was devastating for me emotionally not to be able to play my guitar anymore because my hands were so numb. So as a result of an ad I heard on the radio on KOMO, I came down here to the clinic, interviewed with Dr. Polzin and started a treatment program for me and the results have been absolutely magnificent. Just in the space of my first 10 treatments I was able to double my nervous reaction to all the stimulus I was given. So any of you that are going through what I went through, I had constant burning, constant tingling, and constant numbness. You can live with a couple of those for a while but its 24/7 you really don’t want to deal with it any more than that. So within my first week the burning went away, within two weeks the tingling went away. Now I’m just dealing with the numbness but I know that that’s going to reverse it’s self over time and I am just so happy to recommend this for those who didn’t have other alternatives. So get on with it do whatever you have to, get rid of all those nagging, physical symptoms and ailments that you have as a result of diabetes and neuropathy.

Paul Heideman – Musician can play guitar again as neuropathy treatment successfully treats numbness.