1. I’m walking without a walker, without a cane. I feel 100% better. *Results May Vary

    Hello my name is David Mann and I want to tell you where I was before I came to the therapy here at Bellevue Pain Institute. I was hurting, I wasn’t walking, I had a walker but that was about it and then I went to a cane but still struggled along and felt miserable. When we got here, I heard about Dr. Polzin but to tell you the truth I was very skeptical. I’m not one that just takes people for…Read More

    David Mann – Peripheral Neuropathy pain treated with exclusive neuropathy protocol.
  2. The results have been absolutely magnificent. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Paul and I am in here at Dr. Polzin’s Bellevue Pain Clinic. I just wanted to give a testimonial about how well I have done in reversing the Neuropathy pain as a result of the diabetes which I’ve had for 10 years. The Neuropathy started about 10 years ago and I really saw my motor skills really go downhill, where I couldn’t balance easily I had to hold on to the shower rail whil…Read More

    Paul Heideman – Musician can play guitar again as neuropathy treatment successfully treats numbness.
  3. I’m actually able to wear shoes, I can wear them all day now! *Results May Vary

    So pretty much I have been in pain 24/7 for about 3 years and it’s started to escalate. I’ve been to every specialist there is I could think of. I’ve spent thousands of dollars going to a bone specialist, sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, neurologist, pain specialist, and acupuncturist, a even a naturopath but nothing worked. And I was beginning to shuffle my feet, I was in such pain I…Read More

    Cheryl Weeks – Constant neuropathy pain treatment worked, even when nothing else worked.
  4. I came in skeptical, but I changed my mind. *Results May Vary

    My name is Floyde Wilstrom and I’m from Fox Island Washington. And I have been so pleased to hear about Dr. Polzin’s care. I came skeptical but I changed my mind. I came with hurting feet and unsteady and I knew I was looking it more and more each day. And I came, got the demonstration and that impressed me with the thoroughness of the discussion and explaining He didn’t mind taking the time…Read More

    Floyde Wikstrom – 95 year old gets his balance back.
  5. It’s amazing how much better I feel. *Results May Vary

    Hi I’m Fran Fender and I am here at Dr. Polzin’s office to share with you. For me it’s amazing how much better I feel. I came here because my biggest concern was that I was starting to shuffle my feet. I was not able to walk real well and I had pain in my feet. I need to stand on my feet for the work that I was doing and so I was really concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to do anythi…Read More

    Fran Fender – Able to walk again after Peripheral neuropathy laser treatment.
  6. Freedom to do the things I want to do in life. *Results May Vary

    Hi, I found out about Bellevue Pain Institute from a radio ad. I was experiencing some severe lower back pain which went to the sciatic never in my right leg. The diagnosis I was given from the x-rays and MRI was stenosis and disc degeneration and herniation. I saw two surgeons who both suggested to get surgery, and after listening to that ad on the radio there was to another way to be pain free. …Read More

    Terry Bresin – Lower back pain and Sciatic nerve leg pain treated with decompression and laser.
  7. The longer I keep going, the better I feel. *Results May Vary

    I’m Galliano Mondin and I’ve had foot pain for over 2 years and the doctors told me that they didn’t know what to do and that there wasn’t anything that they could do about it because the nerves never grow back. In researching we came about the Bellevue Pain Clinic, came in for an interview and exam with Dr. Polzin, which I thought was really extensive and so I started with the procedures.…Read More

    Galliano Mondin – Neuropathy Foot pain treated successfully with lasers.
  8. “The quality of my life has greatly improved.” *Results May Vary

    I’m Temple Thompson I’m 80 years old and I came to the Bellevue pain clinic somewhat skeptical and that I had already been to see a neurologist. I have had acupuncture and taken medications for the last several years and my pain in my feet had got considerably worse to the point that I’ve dreaded to go to bed at night. I’ve taken 21 treatments at the Bellevue Pain Center with Dr. Polzin an…Read More

    Temple Johnson – Peripheral Neuropathy pain treated at Bellevue Pain Institute.
  9. The constant pain is gone. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Becky Miller I’m a bookkeeper. Before I came to Dr. Polzin, I had constant pain in my feet, while I was doing my bookkeeping. It’s a lot of time sitting, and the more time I would sit the worse that my feet would feel. My doctor told me that there is nothing that they could do for it and that it was pain that I would have to live with for the rest of my life! So I came to Bellevu…Read More

    Becky Miller – Neuropathy treatment gives life back.
  10. My feet have returned to at least 90% normal feeling. *Results May Vary

    Hello I am Dwight Altenburg I’m a 62 year old male and I had a background of pain symptoms in my feet for the last 10 years. I didn’t realize that the pains would be so long going and sustaining so I dismissed them and blaming things such as the wearing heavy boots shoes that I wore through my occupation of working for the fire department for the last 40 years. The pain was worse in the evenin…Read More

    Dwight Altenburg - Peripheral Neuropathy pain treated with exclusive neuropathy protocol.