1. I’m a completely different person physically than I was 4 months ago. *Results May Vary

    My name is Brenda. I’m 64 years old. 4 months ago I was in severe pain and was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy by my medical doctor. I had been to two neurologists and several medical doctors and they told me they could control it with drugs but they couldn’t do anything about curing it. When the medicine that they gave me wasn’t working, I was at my wits end and felt really depressed. …Read More

    Brenda Brunson – Peripheral Neuropathy and lower back pain treated with lasers.
  2. It really works without having to go through invasive surgeries. *Results May Vary

    My name is Peter Erie and before I started this program for low back decompression. I had severe back pain to the point where I had excruciating pain going down through my legs and in my back where I could barely stand up. Dr. Polzin examined me and they put me on 10 week program. As a result of the 10 week program I now have very little pain. Now I can be able to walk with no pain. Now I can get …Read More

    Peter Erie - Lower back pain and Sciatic nerve pain treated with decompression and laser.
  3. I’m not afraid of walking and my balance is much, much better. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Jeff and I have had Peripheral Neuropathy for the last 7 years at least. 3 doctors have told me that there is nothing I can do for it and just wear shoes and socks. One day I saw an ad, I took it out of the newspaper and posted it on the refrigerator and looked at it everyday for a month before I actually made an appointment. Actually, my wife made the appointment. At that time I cou…Read More

    Jeff – Severe Diabetic neuropathy and balance problems treated.
  4. The pain has subsided and I’ve had really good results. *Results May Vary

    I’m Sheila Wagner I’m from Silverdale, Washington and I came here because I had a lot of pain in my feet from the Neuropathy and didn’t have any good results from any of the medications I have tried. So one day I saw a TV program, one day that I didn’t bother to turn off the TV, a program I don’t normally watch. When I heard Neuropathy my ears perked up and called in and went from there.…Read More

    Sheila Wagner
  5. They want what’s best for you. *Results May Vary

    I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that they were going to crack every part of my body that I was going to get hurt or something while they were helping but no their so nice and so friendly I just love it I want to be here like every day. I was late to school one day and I was running to my car and I slipped on ice and I fell really hard and hurt my knee and my back. And I’ve come in like…Read More

    Nilou Fathi - Back pain from a fall solved.
  6. It took maybe a week of treatment for [my pain] to be significantly better. *Results May Vary

    I had come in initially because I has stupidly spent the day doing really bad ergonomic laptop work at work and ending up with pain coming down one arm and wrapping around to the point where I was going around just clutching the arm. I had serious pain and it maybe took a week of treatment for it to be significantly better. I didn’t know if I would like it because it was an open treatment area b…Read More

    Maura Van Der Linden - Laser and Decompression in the neck heals arm pain and numbness.
  7. I have faith in Dr. Polzin, in the Bellevue Pain Institute and in the fact that I am going to be normal again. *Results May Vary

    I am Dr. Jessie Jordan-Parker and I am excited about this opportunity to share with you some changes that have occurred in my life thanks to Dr. Polzin and his Pain Institute. I went from very little hope to evidence based fact that I am going to being able to be recovered from something that I’ve been told by other doctors that they are dying nerves. There is nothing that can be done about it I…Read More

    Dr. Jessie Jordan-Parker – life changing experience.
  8. My balance is just 100% better. *Results May Vary

    My name is Bruce Wile, we heard about Dr. Polzin on TV one day. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my feet. They were really numb, my fingertips were numb and my balance was just horrible. So we happened to see Dr. Polzin on the TV one day, and said jeez, this is something that I should be doing. I felt like my problem had just gotten worse and worse throughout the last years and so we calle…Read More

    Bruce Wile – Neuropathy of the hands and feet treated gives back balance and energy.
  9. I can walk, walk and walk! *Results May Vary

    I came to Dr. Polzin a few months back and decided to do this program. I was having such a hard time with my feet. The numbness and the prickling, and I just couldn’t sleep at night, and I had really, really bad times at night. The pain was so bad and I felt dragged out and I couldn’t sleep and I would get up in the morning and feel worse and so I decided to check out the services here. I sign…Read More

    Pat Nyberg – Night time neuropathy pain and numbness treated effectively by Dr. Polzin.
  10. Within the second treatment I started to get off the pain pills. *Results May Vary

    I’m Jean Wix, and actually my husband found out about Dr. Polzin when I was on the couch in unbelievable pain for about 4 months. I went from doctor to doctor from chiropractor to chiropractor! My husband found the ad that said to call them right now. I did and within the second treatment I started to get off the pain pills. I had been taking pain pill every 4 hours round the clock and by the 3r…Read More

    Jean Wix – Severe Lower back pain and foot drop pain treated with decompression and laser.