1. Wife: “He is much easier to live with.” *Results May Vary

    I had this neuropathy and was in really bad shape, my son said that there has to be someone else out there with the same problem that I have and he looked on the internet and found this place here. And I talked to my doctor and he said well I don’t know what else to do for you, try anything you can. And so we came down here, skeptical. And we talk to a couple people that were here and I asked th…Read More

    Gary – Treated for Neuropathy.
  2. Husband: “We are able to go out and walk together now.” *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Judy and I’m into 11 sessions now and after about the 2nd treatment I am about 99 % pain free. Before that I would have almost constant burning, stinging, and prickliness in my legs and feet mostly at night time but also in the day time. And tried different kinds of drugs, 5 different kinds of drugs each one got worse and worse and finally I was lucky enough to see the ad on TV and…Read More

    Judy Leider – Sciatic leg pain treated and helps marriage.
  3. Son: “My dad has made significant progress.” *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Ram. My dad went through significant issues health wise that started with what we thought was depression. This lead to where he wouldn’t walk at all he would just lay in bed and do nothing for a couple months. He wouldn’t talk to anybody and he lost his appetite and there by affected his sleep and then lead that his quality of life was completely torn apart. Then somehow we ended…Read More

    Ram – Dad had Peripheral Neuropathy pain treated with exclusive neuropathy protocol.
  4. I’m feeling a lot, lot better. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is John and I am a patient of Dr. Polzin’s. Today is Sept. 27th of 2011, today is my 21st treatment and I am graduating today. So let me tell you quickly about what it was like when I came in and what I’m feeling today. I came in with severe burning sensations on the bottoms of my feet. I didn’t have a balance issue or numbness issue like I guess a lot of people do. Mine was more …Read More

    John Parness – Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy treated.
  5. I feel capable of taking on tasks that were too difficult before. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Kayla, I’ve been here at Bellevue Pain for a month. Up until then I had been having severe hand and foot pain with Neuropathy, especially within my toes which effected my walking, work, everyday activities from doing the dishes to going out in public. My mood and my behaviors were also effected. I’ve been coming here for a month doing laser therapies that made my day to daily act…Read More

    Kayla Lemley – Idiopathic Neuropathy treated in young 20 year old woman.
  6. It’s a really unique way for treating this Neuropathy. *Results May Vary

    Hi my name is Larry Lewis and I am here to make a testimony about Dr. Polzin’s Pain Center. I’ve been coming now this is my 12th visit and when I first came in I was in a lot of pain and I could walk hardly could only wear crocks on my feet. Very little walking, since I’ve been here I’ve improved quite a bit. I am not completely healed; I’m half way through my treatment. I can now walk. …Read More

    Larry Lewis – Treated for Neuropathy.
  7. Tremendous improvement from when I started. *Results May Vary

    Hi there could you state your name? My name is Jerry Day. Hi Jerry, okay I was going to ask you some questions here. SO what kind of symptoms were you experiencing? I had the electric shock, jump routine, I had numbness and I had burning all in my feet. And how has been your experience here at the Bellevue Pain Institute? It’s been very worthwhile, tremendous improvement from when I started till…Read More

    Jerry Day – Burning foot pain and numbness treated with lasers.
  8. My feet are getting better to stand on now. *Results May Vary

    Hi this is Diana Barchenger and I came to Dr. Polzin to help me take care of the pains that I had within my feet they were really getting hot at night. When I had covers on my feet, it gave me sharp shooting pains going through my feet. My feet are getting better to stand on now. Before they would really hurt and every step and in every area of my foot would really hurt. I encourage everybody come…Read More

    Diana Barchenger – Neuropathy pain treated.
  9. I would recommend for anyone who has ever had lower back pain. *Results May Vary

    John Thompson. I heard about Dr. Kevin over the TV and he did such a great job to my lower back its wonderful compared to, well I shouldn’t say compared, just to when I started. It’s wonderful. I would recommend it for anyone who has had lower back pain like I have had.…Read More

    John Thompson – Severe lower back treated
  10. I was amazed how quickly I started to get some relief and rejuvenation in my feet and legs. *Results May Vary

    Hello my name is Ramey Brandon. I came to Dr. Polzin because I have Neuropathy and I’ve had it for 5 years. I was amazed at how quickly I started to get some relief and rejuvenation in my feet and legs. I guess the most outstanding thing was I packed 5 treatments in about 7 or 8 day period to start with because I had a trip planned around the Olympic Peninsula. When I was on that trip after abou…Read More

    Ramey Brandon – Neuropathy pain treated fast now walking 4 miles.