The constant pain is gone. *Results May Vary

Hi my name is Becky Miller I’m a bookkeeper. Before I came to Dr. Polzin, I had constant pain in my feet, while I was doing my bookkeeping. It’s a lot of time sitting, and the more time I would sit the worse that my feet would feel. My doctor told me that there is nothing that they could do for it and that it was pain that I would have to live with for the rest of my life! So I came to Bellevue Pain Clinic. I’m about two-thirds through the process now. The constant pain is gone, I can sit hours on end if I need to and I’m not in pain, I’m so incredibly happy with the results that I am so relieved. I even told my doctor about Dr. Polzin’s work and that I finally found something that really helps with my feet pain. She is very thrilled and I am very thrilled for this was a life changing experience that I am very glad that I did.

Becky Miller – Neuropathy treatment gives life back.